Save the date darling

With our humbling Citypages honor and much more to celebrate, it’s time for a party! Mark May 10 on your calendar, details to come.



Put a braid on it


After discovering this beautiful image of Penelope Tree circa 1968, we’re abuzz about braids in the salon. Caitlin is our in-house braid master…while you’re working on scheduling an appointment with her in your busy schedule, check out these how-to gifs from Huffington Post. Peace & Love, braid friends.


Braid Gif

braid fun on our tumblr: Haus Tumblr



Only the boring are bored darling

This Spring (it’s here it’s here!) we’re all about brightening your locks and making subtle changes-very unlike our MN weather. Claudia Schiffer once said that when you find your signature look, don’t stray but to play with it. Subtle changes such as adding bangs to the equation or changing the tone but not shade of your color are a fun way to refresh your look. Plus you’ll still recognize yourself in the mirror! We love how Marlee freshened Alli’s gorgeous balayage. By adding a gloss it seals her color in for healthier, more brilliant hair. xoDSC_0001



Nighttime is the right time

Our favorite skincare guru Elizabeth Dehn recently created a fabulous cleansing tutorial, which led me to ponder my own end of the day cleansing routine. For awhile I was hell bent on thinking exfoliation only existed in a cleanser with a gritty sand-like consistency. Wrong!!! Exfoliation and healthy cell turnover can be achieved by using a product as gentle as Elizabeth’s Vitamin B cleansing oil**. What I love most about her cleansing oil is that you can opt to not use H2O.  For me, the less water I use on my face the happier my skin is. I keep a small jar of cotton squares, Elizabeth’s oil, and a rosewater & witch hazel cocktail* on my bedside table each night. After removing makeup with a few pumps of cleansing oil on a cotton square I spritz a bit of toner on and moisturize my lips with Rosebud’s lip salve**. My skin couldn’t feel better or more moisturized when I wake up! Another important note when it comes to skincare is that not all skin types are the same. Change your routine up, utilize different cleansers, toners and creams until you find the right steps for yourself. Avoid monotony my dears. xo


Beyoncé has the same ritual as me. Maybe. Whatever.

* Mix equal parts Witch Hazel and Rose Water found at Tao Foods in Minneapolis

** Both the Cleansing Oil & Rosebud Salve can be found at HAUS

Fall-you can stay far away, but dang you look good!

New York/European Fashion week(s) come to a close with Parisian houses producing some seriously inspiring and finale-worthy garb. Here are some notables from each city….

New York: The quintessential American man, Ralph Lauren took a soft color palette to new heights with flattering silhouettes, hugging all the right curves but still leaving something to the imagination.



London: Tom Ford’s show was dark, sleek, and so sexy. I loved his play on Jay-z’s Tom Ford lyric “I don’t pop Molly” with the sequined jersey shift. His collection-as per usual-spoke to a street chic woman who isn’t afraid to break archaic fashion “rules.”

tom-ford20 tom-ford23 tom-ford19 tom-ford31

Milan: Costume National

Give me all of the outerwear. That is all.

costume_national_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection_Milan_Fashion_Week3 costume_national_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection_Milan_Fashion_Week9

Paris: Chloé

So soft and romantic, someone could bury me in these pieces and I’d die happy. xo

ARC0086.450x675 chloe-fall-14 PHOTO © TEAM PETER STIGTER   FILENAME IS DESIGNER NAME  FALL/WINTER 2014 Paris-Fashion-Week-black-white-grey-designs-Fall-Winter-2014-2015 (5)



This woman has Hollywood and the fashion world wrapped around her flawless finger. She is effortlessly chic, poised and humble. I’m sure I could go on for days. Her style continues to blow my mind and the Oscar’s wrapped it up into a neat little package of perfection this awards season. The stylist behind her look is Micaela Erlanger, but she says Lupita is very much involved in her fashion choices. For example her Oscar dress paid homage to the late, great Elizabeth Taylor whilst the color paid tribute to her native Kenya. Micaela and Lupita are one hell of a team! Here are some of my favorite Lupita moments. XO


Golden Globes-Calvin Klein (Sorry Gwenyth, you lose the cape battle.)


Dazed and Confused Magazine- January 2014


I MEAN COME ON! (At the Oscars in Prada)

Spring Fever

Too soon? I don’t care! Lets talk Spring beauty tips + trends. With Fashion Week coming to a close in an unseasonably warm Paris this week, I’m ready to move forward and pretend that the sub-zero temps and overnight blizzards are a thing of the past. Yes, we’re stuck in parkas and mukluks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add a little flair to our daily beauty routine!


The bright orange lip at DKNY’s S/S show this year was adorable, and flattering on all skin tones. Try Chanel’s Rouge Allure on for size.



Is your skin feeling especially dull? I was watching E! News last night and a tip to try is sucking on an ice cube (focus on pushing it up towards the roof of your mouth) until it melts into water, your eyes will brighten and skin will look more refreshed! I tried it this morning and found if you do it twice, you’ll notice your skin looking much more hydrated right away! Ice ice, baby.


(I know. Just let it happen.)


Non-wash day? Good! Spray allover dry hair with a bit of Oribe’s Dry Texturizing spray and Number 4′s Mighty hairspray for grit. Part your hair down the middle and put it into pigtails. Fishtail/classic braid (fishtail is preferred but I mean c’mon, we’re not all Pinterest braid savvy here.) your hair, bobby pin the braids at the top of your head, mess the braids up a bit (fuzz em up, pull a couple strands out, etc.). Voila! You’ve got an adorable & low key updo à la Naeem Khan S/S 2014





Love is in the…cuticles?

Happy Hallmark holiday! We are shamelessly giddy about V-day this year. Why is that? The Blowdry! Blowdry bar now has a manicurist! Jillian is our lovely nail guru, and she’s up for any design you throw at her. Need inspiration? Voilà, darling.

pink-and-red-nails 75caa0a4210cdb3ed8256580a1fdd86e Valentines-Day-Nail-Art Valentines-Day-Kiss-Manicure-2014-

…happy prettifying, xo


Secrets secrets…are so fun


Jared Leto has a hair secret for you..just kidding, I do.

Do you have bangs? Good me too. I am always so back and forth with them because I hate how often you have to shampoo your hair (They get way greasier than the rest of my hair. Bless its heart-it only needs a wash once a week). Anyway, my bang stylist Caitlin taught me a trick of the trade. Just shampoo your bangs and get away scot-free without sudsing your entire head of tresses! I start by pulling the rest of my hair up into a top knot, leave my bangs out and dunk my head in the sink with a pea-size amount of Number 4′s Volumizing shampoo. Blow-dry with a small boar-bristle brush like Mason Pearson’s pocket popular and flat iron if needed! Voila, you’ve got at least another day before you have to shampoo.


Nicole Richie is forever my hair muse. Love her bangs in this shot. xo

Stop all your plucking, poking & prodding!

HAUS is all about the newest tricks and tips for keeping lashes long and eyebrows full. Not only do we carry Neulash and Neubrow growth serum; we carry the truth serum of Edwin Eyebrows. What are his tips to fuller, more gorgeous brows and lashes?


Rule #1: After a brow wax from Edwin it is so tempting to tweeze and try to maintain the amazing shape he gives you. Be careful! Only tweeze strays that are far outside your natural shape, your tweezers are NOT your best friend!

Rule #2: Brow gel! Brow gel helps keep those arches in shape all day, even if your bangs brush against them. Damone Roberts makes a clear gel as well as brow gel in different shades which thickens the appearance of eyebrows. (Carried both at Haus & Blowdry! Blowdry bar)

Rule #3: Hide strays with a dab of cover up in between wax appointments.


(Or just be blessed with Camilla Belle’s seemingly flawless brows, sigh.)


Rule #1: Remove eye makeup EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT! Be gentle with those gorgeous lashes, a simple remover such as Caudalie’s organic grape water & chamomile eye makeup remover is divine.

Rule #2: Replace mascara! You shouldn’t keep a tube longer than 3 months. Is yours flaking out and getting chunky before your 3 months are up? A couple of eyedrops will do the trick.

tumblr mascara

Rule #3: Tinting! Catherine is amazing with lash tints over at the Blowdry! Blowdry bar. Tints last 3-4 weeks and thicken the appearance of lashes.

You’re welcome dahlings! xo


p.s. Are you nervous about splurging on Neubrow or Neulash? Check our color assistant Lauren’s WILD tranformation!