Warning: Cheesy sentiments ahead

We are the first ones to admit we love a gussied up photo shoot with photoshopping to boot, but getting back to basics is equally, if not more important. In this industry it’s easy to feel bogged down by everyone around you. Someone’s hair will always be longer, shinier, cooler, edgier, curlier, the list goes on. As someone constantly surrounded by the coolest new beauty trends it’s difficult to remain your true self. At HAUS we strive to maintain all of our fabulous clients natural beauty integrity by providing everyone with a look that’s all their own and nobody elses. I couldn’t help but get corny on y’all and post these amazing new videos from Colbie Caillait & John Legend-both are awesome tributes to owning your natural beauty. (The goal is to get you teary-eyed by the end here people.) Watch & enjoy below.

Happy weekending. XO

Holiday in the Sun

Happy Fourth of July weekend darlings! Planning on spending your day of independence outside? Good! So are we. Now, you must take care of your lovely locks while floating across the lake and basking in the gorgeous Minnesota sun. Not sure of how to put that lovely head of hair on summertime lockdown? We’ve got all the tips you need.

#1 Protect from the sun!

super comb

Brunettes and reds are sure to fade in the sunshine. We recommend Number 4’s Super Comb Prep & Protect. Its delicious blend of gluten free and vegan ingredients provide some serious UVB protection for your freshly colored (or natural! I don’t color my hair and it’s forever fading in the sun from its natural ashy brunette to red. I. Hate. It.) Even if you’re a bright blond and love how the sunny rays lighten your locks you have to protect your hair just as you protect your skin. Summer can be wonderful for growing out your hair but the sun can do some serious damage if you don’t take precaution!

#2 No chlorine allowed!

If you’re in the pool all day long make sure to get your hair wet with fresh water before diving in. The pre-pool rinse will protect your follicles from being invaded by cruel pool chemicals.


#3 Balance it out!

If your hair is feeling ultra soft after a dip in the chlorine that’s NOT a good sign! Malibu’s Swimmer’s Wellness is wonderful for those chlorine lovin babes. It brings balance back to your hair that chlorine tries to strip and trick you int thinking your hair is super soft and healthy.


#4 Happy Fourth of July! XO


p.s. All products listed above are available at HAUS! Stay tuned for our Client Appreciation Sale July 10-12th. 20% off all hair & skin goodies! XO

A little History lesson for you

We recently had a daring client slip into Kristen’s chair for a serious transformation! She went from long locks to an amazing Mohawk. This got me thinking…where did the Mohawk come from? Apparently it’s been around for millennia, found anywhere from Ireland to Native American tribes who inhabited what’s now Nebraska and Kansas. There are tons of different styles it can be worn in-including a “reverse Mohawk” (Google it. Ew). I personally adore the look Kristen created for her lovely new client! XO



Summer Skin Gospel

The skincare gurus at One Love Organics developed an amazing limited edition line to protect your precious cells all summer long. The line will be available at the salon until we run out! Read all about the scoop directly from the heavenly organic source below. XO



Summer is almost here and we are headed to the beach, the lake, the pool…anywhere there is a body of water to play in. We love summer! 

However, summer is a veritable onslaught of heat, pollution, chlorine, water, sun and salt—all of which can damage skin and cause unsightly problems. We developed our Summer Skin Limited Edition Collection to address the most common summer skin concerns to keep skin clear and radiant all summer long.


Gardenia Daily Body Serum
A mist of intensely moisturizing precious oils 

No flower expresses the grace, charm, and soul of the South better than the vividly fragrant blossoms of the Gardenia. Our Gardenia Daily Body Serum provides a mist of precious oils that intensely nourish the skin, leaving it refreshed, beautifully scented, and soft to the touch. 

Pretty Pores Complexion Toning Mist 
Energizing Toner for a healthy summer glow

100% pure fruit water extracted from the heart of organic pink grapefruits, Pretty Pores Mist is purifying, naturally astringent and offers the antioxidant power of Vitamin C to energize skin for a healthy summer glow.

Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder
Refresh, cleanse and promote strong, healthy hair

With a unique blend of highly absorbent Georgia Kaolin Clay, hyularonic acid, and silica rich bamboo extract, Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder softens, strengthens and nourishes hair between shampoos, during travel, or for an anytime pick-me-up.

Apple a Day Brightening Facial Cleanser
A pH balanced lather to clarify, brighten and tone

Cold–pressed apple oil, apple fruit extracts and a blend of gentle acids come together in a perfectly pH balanced formula to clarify,cleanse and tone the skin. Apple a Day Brightening Facial Cleanser promotes a complexion that is as bright and clear as a perfect summer’s day.


Find a shady spot between the hours of 10 am and 4pm, when the sun is at its strongest. Nothing causes more damage than sunburn. 

A summer hat is crucial to protect the fragile facial and scalp areas that are most susceptible to sun damage. 

Apply an oil-based moisturizer, like Gardenia Daily Body Serum, to hair and face before swimming. The emollients will create a natural barrier to prevent hair and skin from drying out. 

To prevent summer blemishes, use a facial cleanser with gentle alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate and deeply cleanse. 

Shampoo no more than 3-4 times a week and use a dry shampoo in between to minimize damage and breakage. 

Keep oily skin in check this summer by using a gentle astringent toner that helps to dissolve excess oil yet isn’t over-drying. 


P.S. Stay tuned for a very special client appreciation weekend coming soon. XO 

Happy Week-ending!


Take some risks this weekend with street style inspiration from CFDA’s 2014 Fashion Icon. I mean…they changed PFW to “Pa-RIH Fashion Week” so you can’t go wrong. XO or should we say…bisous!

Rihanna-NBA-Playoff Rihanna-2 la-modella-mafia-Rihanna-street-style-in-fur-sweats-and-New-Balance-sneakers-with-diamond-rings-1

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Radiate dahling!


This gorgeous weather has inspired me to amp up my skincare routine. What better way to start than with a One Love Organics/kitchen cocktail beauty treatment? I combined some seriously heavenly goods and the results were amazing! One Love Organics has an amazing powder exfoliant called “Brand New Day.” Just mix with water and you have a gentle paste with the slightest bit of grit that will help encourage your pretty little skin cells to turnover. There are also options with Brand New Day for a raw honey or greek yogurt mask. I was curious to see what would happen if I mixed both with the exfoliant. Take a half tsp of Brand New Day  and mix with the same amount of organic coconut yogurt and raw honey. I applied as much as possible to my face and neck for 15 minutes, then rinsed with lukewarm water before bed. I woke up in the morning and my skin was incredibly soft and happy! Your turn, XO.


Recipe found -> HERE! 

p.s…Stay tuned for some amazing limited edition One Love products coming soon!